What I Do


I can help with early identification of changes in memory and thinking, such as Mild Cognitive Impairment, or Dementia. I can help you understand how this will affect you. I also provide therapeutic support for people diagnosed with dementia.


If you have experienced a stroke, I can help you understand how your stroke impacts your functioning. I can also work with you to support your recovery, including your thinking, mood, and adjustment to life post-stroke.

Neurological Conditions

If you have received a diagnosis of a neurological condition such as Multiple Sclerosis or epilepsy, I can provide an individualised assessment to help you understand your unique strengths and weaknesses in thinking and memory skills. I can work help monitor changes in your functioning to maximise your quality of life.

Psychiatric Conditions

If you are experiencing depressive, anxious or stress symptoms, I can help you understand how these might be impacting your thinking and memory skills. I can recommend some strategies to help support your mood, or consider referral to specialised services for therapy or medication assistance.

Specific Learning Disorders

If you are an adolescent or adult who wants to understand your skills in spelling, reading, word comprehension and maths, I can assess your skills in these areas to help identify and learning difficulties that you might have. This can support you at school, in work, or in further study.

Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) Clients

If you are a client of MAIB, you may be referred for a comprehensive neuropsychology assessment as part of your recovery. I can help make sense of how your accident has impacted your daily life. I can support your recovery, and help you reach out to other services. I can also support your adjustment to your injury.

Decision-Making Capacity Assessments

I can provide a specialised opinion and evidence relating to someone’s capacity to make decisions in a particular area (such as accommodation/ lifestyle or financial matters). Comprehensive assessments and documentation can also be conducted to support applications to the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT) for Guardianship and Administration hearings.

National Disability Support Services (NDIS)

If you are seeking to join the NDIS, I can help determine your eligibility, and create a comprehensive NDIS report that reflects your individual circumstances, disability, and associated support needs. If you are already an NDIS participant, I can provide comprehensive assessments to help inform your ongoing planning/ funding requirements.

Concussion & Brain Injury

If you have sustained a Concussion, I can help you examine and monitor your symptoms to support your recovery. If you have a Traumatic Brain Injury, I can help you understand how your injury impacts you, and what you can do to support your ongoing recovery.

Telehealth Support

I can provide you with therapeutic sessions to support your overall wellbeing and help manage your adjustment to an injury or diagnosis. These can be conducted in person or via telehealth.

Vocational Assessments

I can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in thinking and memory. This will assist you to determine the best workplace fit for you, to set you up for success, or understand why you may be having difficulty with your current work.


I help clients and organisations understand the results of individualised assessments so that the client can best be supported, and their specific needs understood.

Specialised Education

Specialised training can also be provided to organisations around topical subjects including stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia.


I can help you understand how your functioning may have been affected by COVID. I provide a profile of your strengths and weaknesses to help support your memory/ thinking skills, and help you manage fatigue and mood difficulties.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

I can conduct a thorough assessment of your attention, memory, executive functioning, and other thinking skills to help you identify if your profile fits what is known about ADHD. I can also help connect you to other services for further diagnostic assessments.